July 22, 2023 

and now also July 23, 2023 

1-5 pm

Crowne Plaza Annapolis - IHG

173 Jennifer Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Admission and Parking:  FREE

Welcome to the 7th Annual Maryland Renaissance Garb and Craft Sale

We have moved to a new and hopefully permanent venue this year - The Crowne Plaza Hotel on Jennifer Road in Annapolis, Maryland. 

This is our 7th year helping you make your renaissance clothing dreams come true.  This is a combination flea market, yard sale, and craft festival where patrons can purchase gently used or brand new merchandise for renaissance festivals, selected crafts, artwork, and jewelry.  Your friends and neighbors will be selling their garb alongside local vendors.  Since we have expanded to include crafts, there will be quite a variety.

We encourage many different styles for sale - renwear, cosplay, steampunk, fantasy, pirate, fairy - you name it!  We should also have accessories to coordinate with your favorite outfits. 

Good prices and good people will get you ready for the Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania Renaissance Festivals. Even if you aren’t interested in buying, come hang out just for the fun of it.  We'd love to see your faces!

The last six events have been a fun time, and we hope the trend continues.